> npx make-angular-cli-faster

Speed up the Angular CLI by up to 10 times


Easy Set Up

Run npx make-angular-cli-faster in your Angular CLI project. This command enables Nx computation caching, which speeds up your builds and tests. The Angular CLI project will look and work the same as before, just faster.

How it works illustration

How it works

Distributed computation caching provided by Nx Cloud allows you, your team and your CI to share the results of each other's computations. If your team member has already built or tested similar code, the Angular CLI with caching enabled will use their results to speed up your command. This feature used in CI can make your builds and tests run up to 10 times faster.
Learn how Nx’s computation caching works

Enjoy the benefits illustration

Enjoy the benefits

For free, you get unlimited local cache and 5-hours a month of dev time saved by Nx Cloud’s distributed cache. You also get a free Angular CLI analytics tool to help you optimize your setup. You can upgrade your free tier to save more dev time. We also give unlimited build acceleration to any open source project. Private on-prem Nx Cloud is coming soon.