Distributed Caching and Task Execution for Nx and Lerna

Leverage the power of distribution to bring your Nx and Lerna workspaces to the next level. All nicely integrated into a single unified experience.

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Multi-platform integration

There where you are! Nx Cloud integrates with all popular CI providers on any OS.

Distributed task execution (DTE)

Smart, automated distribution of tasks across machines. Get maximum parallelization and CPU efficient CI Pipeline Executions.

Remote caching

Share your local computation cache with your team mates and CI system for maximum efficiency.

Your data, secured

Enjoy easy and secure hosting on our cloud infrastructure or choose the self-hosted approach. Your data, you decide!
AWS Amplify
Capital One

Nx Cloud Combine distributed task execution and caching

Caching is great.
Smart Distributed Task Execution is better.

Declaratively define your CI scripts and let Nx Cloud do the heavy lifting of splitting those into fine-grained tasks and distributing them dynamically across the available agents. Need more computation power? Add more agents! No need to adjust your CI setup.

Never run the same computation twice

Nx and Lerna come with built-in local computation caching by default. Team up with your co-workers by distributing and sharing the cache. Your CI Pipeline Executions will thank you too!

Nx Cloud Integrated into your daily workflow

Data that matters, where it matters

Nx Cloud integrates with your favorite services to give you the data you need, when you need it. Get actionable insights into your CI workflows and make data-driven decisions.

Integrated into your PRs

See task execution results directly in your PRs.

Real-time updates for each agent

Get live insights into Nx Cloud's Distributed Task Execution runs as they go. See how many agents are being used, and how tasks are distributed among them.

Log views made for monorepos

Forget scrolling endless CI logs. Get a structured log view of all the tasks that have been executed as part of a CI Pipeline Execution.

Optimize your time, stay focused, save money

Focus on delivering your product.

Loved by startups & Fortune500 companies

Security built in

Designed by developers for developers

Save computation time, save money

People are talking

Whether your workspace has a single project or a thousand, Nx will keep your CI fast and your workspace maintainable.

"It made it possible to remove our hand-rolled code and to use a well-maintained and streamlined solution, increasing performance while saving us a lot of time and money. The developer experience is so good."

Nitin Vericherla
UI Architect at Synapse Wireless

"By updating to the latest Lerna version and enabling Nx caching, we were able to reduce CI build times by ~35% - a great time saving for a fast-moving company like Sentry with an extremely active repository."

Francesco Novy
Senior Software Engineer at Sentry

"Since we are using NxCloud, we saw our CI times reduced by 83%! That means our teams are not waiting hours for their PR to be merged anymore, we reclaimed our productivity and are pretty happy about it."

Laurent Delamare
Senior Engineer at VMware

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