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Announcing credit-based pricing

Effective December 1st, 2023

Credit-based pricing

Hey there!

Thanks for your ongoing support — Nx Cloud wouldn't be where it is without champions like you. Your trust inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries and making Nx Cloud better. We've been hard at work, gearing up for exciting releases like Nx Agents and Nx Workflows, which are coming soon.

We're streamlining things at Nx Cloud by introducing a credit-based billing system. This change not only aligns us with other CI providers and user expectations, but also sets the stage for these exciting new features.

Why the change?

The new credit-based system ensures a more accurate reflection of your consumption, unlocking even more value from Nx Cloud. Expect improved benefits tailored to each plan and crystal-clear details on your invoices with this update.

Similar to other CI providers, breaking down costs into credits allows us to handle CPU, memory, and setup costs seamlessly.

So, what's the deal?

Free plan users get 150k credits/month, which equates to 300 CI pipeline executions (CIPEs) — same as before. If the limits of the free plan are reached, your organization will be disabled until you upgrade to a paid plan, or the next billing cycle begins.

Pro plan users get an extra 150k credits, allowing up to 600 CIPEs. Additional credits on the Pro plan are $5.50 per 10k, and for Pro For Startups, it's $1.65 per 10k credits until 1 million total credits used, then $5.50 per 10k.

Credit-based pricing

How does it impact you?

If you're on Nx Cloud Pro, your invoice line items will change in January 2024, but the flat monthly fee remains steady. For paid plans — the good news is that extra CIPEs are now even more budget-friendly than they were previously.


We're introducing free monthly credits for each plan, calculating overall usage in credits. If you're still deciding, we've got a generous trial period and discounts!