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The Pillars of Fast CI

Remote Caching, dynamic machine provisioning and distribution, flaky task detection and re-running.

Effortless, Fast CI

Nx comes with the building blocks to not only scale your monorepo locally and provide great DX while developing, but also to address one of the major pain points: fast, maintainable CI.

CI without Nx
CI with Nx
Built-in local and remote caching to speed up your tasks and save you time and money.
A single line to enable distributed computation, across multiple machines. Fully managed agents, dynamically allocated based on PR size.
Coming soon
A powerful Artificial Intelligence equipped with context of your workspace, commit history, and historical build timing data. Tusky can uniquely understand and optimize your codebase and pipelines.

Never run the same computation twice.

Only build once

Build only what changed

With Nx Replay, you only build and compute what's absolutely necessary by reusing previously built artifacts. No more waiting for hefty dependencies to load. Perfect for developers, even better on CI, it accelerates each step of your workflow.

Get a boost on local and CI.
Nx Replay drastically accelerate your development by reusing previously built artifacts. Say goodbye to sluggish build times and hello to instantaneous results.
Plug and play.
Nx Replay seamlessly integrates with your preferred CI providers. Setting it up is a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters—building exceptional software.
Product screenshot

Sharing built artifacts

The power of sharing
between teams, CI, & workflows

With Nx Replay, the cache is distributed and shared via the cloud to all machines that need it. The cache can come from your teammate, will be picked up by CI and the rest of the team.

You can also limit and set restrictions on who can write cache and upload it to the cloud for security reason. Setup restriction where you want and how you want it.

Nx Cloud Distributed Caching

Nx Replay

The right choice for your workflows

Team up with your co-workers by distributing and sharing the cache. Your CI Pipeline Executions will thank you too!

Fine-tuned perfection
Allows you to be precise on what and what not to cache with option inputs.
Fast-track to deployment
Not just for local development, supercharges your CI/CD pipelines too.
Optimize costs
Not only speeds up development but also trims down server expenses.
Boost your speed
Reuse previously built artifacts, compute only on what has changed.
Grow confidently
Ensures your development experience remains smooth, no matter how big your codebase become.
Security in mind
Restrict access with read/write & readOnly tokens, depending on situations.

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