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The Pillars of Fast CI

Remote Caching, dynamic machine provisioning and distribution, flaky task detection and re-running.

Effortless, Fast CI

Nx comes with the building blocks to not only scale your monorepo locally and provide great DX while developing, but also to address one of the major pain points: fast, maintainable CI.

CI without Nx
CI with Nx
Built-in local and remote caching to speed up your tasks and save you time and money.
A single line to enable distributed computation, across multiple machines. Fully managed agents, dynamically allocated based on PR size.
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A powerful Artificial Intelligence equipped with context of your workspace, commit history, and historical build timing data. Tusky can uniquely understand and optimize your codebase and pipelines.

Next leap in CI

Next generation, fully managed CI solution with distribution at its core. Designed from the ground up for monorepos.

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