Nx Enterprise

Nx + Nx Cloud, Backed by the Nx Team

Nx Enterprise is the best way for your team to get everything Nx and Nx Cloud have to offer. The team behind Nx works closely with you to get your Nx builds faster, your developers more productive, and your build tools more powerful.

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Nx Integration

Regardless of where your team is in their Nx adoption or monorepo journey, our architects can help plan and execute a smooth transition.

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Custom Nx Cloud Deployment

We'll help you deploy Nx Cloud, and integrate it with your Nx Workspace to take advantage of distributed computation caching, distributed task execution, and an exceptional UI for all your build information.

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Nrwl Experience

We've worked with the world's top companies, solving difficult problems. You don't need to waste time on trial and error.

Nx Cloud on Your Terms

Now with Nx Enterprise, teams can:

  • Have predictable contributor-based annual pricing, with enterprise-friendly invoicing, without limiting or capping Nx Cloud utilization
  • Run a private instance of Nx Cloud in complete isolation from external APIs
  • Have increased support from the Nx team, with custom contract terms

Nx Cloud can work in complete isolation from external APIs without compromising on features. Use the same Distributed Task Execution and Distributed Computation Cache from the comfort of your own network.

How It Works

1. Applying

Apply for Nx Enterprise by providing your information and how you would like us to help you.

2. Onboarding

We onboard in your teams and start the setup with to your custom situation. We provide developers guidelines as well as experience boost for your team.

3. Upgrading

Tools is setup and your teams know how to use it. They have documentation and direct line to NxCloud teams. Get your time and productivity back.

These three steps are done with you and your team at your own pace while taking into account the context you are in. We share our experience and our knowledge as much as possible so your teams will be able to understand the what, why and how we do it.

Trusted by Companies You Know

NxCloud allowed us to see the very real benefits of cutting CI time for developer productivity. It made it possible to remove our hand-rolled code and to use a well-maintained and streamlined solution, increasing performance while saving us a lot of time and money. The developer experience is so good that we changed our processes to use the CI runs while developing, and developers are more confident about their changes and we’ve seen a big improvement in the time it takes to merge PRs.

Nitin Vericherla - UI Architect at Synapse Wireless

Since we are using NxCloud, we saw our CI times reduced by 83%! That means our teams are not waiting hours for their PR to be merged anymore, we reclaimed our productivity and are pretty happy about it.

Laurent Delamare - Senior Engineer at VMware

Don't Waste Precious Time, Let's Talk Now

New technologies can be difficult to adopt and integrate properly the first place. That's why we created Nx Enterprise. Nx Enterprise is Nrwl's latest offering to help enterprise teams get the most out of Nx and Nx Cloud. Get Support, Consulting, and tools to free up your team focus on building great applications.

Let's get in touch, fill this form with your information and we will come back to you.