Nx Cloud Pricing

Nx Cloud is a free platform that unlocks the full potential of your Nx Workspace.

Pricing Tiers

Nx Cloud

Free For Most Workspaces
  • 500 hours of computation time saved for free every month
  • $1 per additional hour

Nx Enterprise

Optimized For Your Organization
  • Run in the Nx Cloud servers or your own
  • Additional support and implementation consulting
  • Fully self-contained solution available
  • Flat, contributor-based pricing

All of these features are included with both versions of Nx Cloud



Capped Spending

Don't worry about running up your bill!

When you sign up for any paid subscription, you can set monthly caps to keep your spending predictable. If your usage falls below your monthly cap, you only pay for what you used.


No Commitment

Get up and running in minutes, without a credit card.

You can cancel your paid subscription any time to go back to the free plan, or remove Nx Cloud from your workspace altogether to go back to developing how you were before Nx Cloud.


Instant ROI

Results in minutes.

Adding Nx Cloud to an Nx Workspace is as simple as setting up a workspace in Nx Cloud, then running an npm script in your workspace to add configuration to nx.json. Your teammates and CI environments will be connected to the cloud as soon as they pull your changes.

Pricing FAQs