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Don't waste time waiting for your CI to complete. Use Nx Cloud's caching and DTE to push features to production faster. Save time and money.


Nx Cloud

Free For Most Workspaces

  • 500 hours of computation time saved per month
  • $1 per additional computation hour
  • Community support
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Nx Enterprise

Optimized For Your Organization

  • Run in the Nx Cloud servers or your own
  • Additional support and implementation consulting
  • Fully self-contained solution available
  • Flat, contributor-based pricing
  • Dedicated support
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Free for OSS!

Get full access to all of the features for your project by dropping us a line, with the link to your repository and a description.

Online or self-hosted

You get all the features

It's your data, you choose where to host it. Regardless of the plan, you get all the features.

Unlimited Users Per Workspace

Give dashboard access to unlimited users for Nx Cloud and Nx Enterprise workspaces

Unlimited Environments

Connect to Nx Cloud from unlimited developer machines and CI environments

Distributed Computation Caching

Share your local computation cache with team mates and your CI system for maximum efficiency.

Distributed Task Execution (DTE)

Smart, automated, dynamic distribution of tasks across multiple machines to get maximum parallelization and CPU efficient CI runs.

Structured Log Visualization

Get a structured log view of all the tasks that have been executed as part of a CI run. Easily filter tasks by their outcome.

PR Metrics

Get insights into the executed tasks, their duration, cache hits and agent utilization. Understand why there have been cache misses.

Platform Integration

Nicely integrates into popular CI providers and platforms like GitHub and GitLab.

CI Analytics

Monitor your CI running times and individual task performance. Learn about the utilization of the allocated CI agents.

Immediate returns

Easy to start, fully transparent

Enable Nx Cloud for your workspace in a matter of minutes. Safely try it out, no subscriptions, no credit card. Experience the productivity it adds to your team and subscribe later.

500 hours for free / month

Want to try? Just get started, no credit card required. You get 500 hours for free and once they're consumed, all that happens is your builds getting slow again.

Capped Spending

When you sign up for any paid subscription, you can set monthly caps to keep your spending predictable. If your usage falls below your monthly cap, you only pay for what you used.

Instant ROI

Enabling Nx Cloud in your existing workspace is as easy as running a npm command. Claim your workspace and assess how it improves your CI as well as local dev experience.

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Frequently asked questions

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