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Make a difference

We build tools helping companies scale and modernize their development practices.

Why join Nx?

We don’t care about your resume: where you worked at and how many years of experience you have. What matters to us is whether you are a great engineer who can do amazing work.

Live and work in places you love

You get to decide when and how you work best. Whether you want to spend a week working remotely from a coffee shop in Barcelona, or you're a night owl who wants to work in the evening - it’s your choice. You know what makes you most productive and happy. Do that!

Work on open source and SaaS projects

You can work on Nx and Lerna - open source build tools used by millions of developers. You can also work on Nx Cloud - a SaaS product. You won't be bored.

Trust your company and your colleagues

We value transparency and honesty. Everyone knows how much money the company is making. Everyone knows how much everyone else is making. We don’t have behind the scenes negotiations, departmental silos or company politics.

Current Openings

There are no job openings at this time.

What we offer

Work/life, balanced

Vacation and Sick Days

Four weeks of paid vacation + unlimited sick days. Paid regional holidays. Spend more time with your family and friends.

Remote Work

Office space paid for by the company in Phoenix. Or work from home, work from anywhere you want.

Competitive Salaries

We pay really well because we want you to live comfortably. Salaried employment with benefits - not hourly contracts.

Flexibility at Work

You control your work hours. Run an errand or walk your dog during the day if you need to.

Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance

We offer plans for all employees. Canadian employees also get an HSA account.

No Red Tape Attitude Towards Expenses

Get the best hardware, software, supplies & books. No pre-approval for small purchases. Phone and internet reimbursement.

Exceptional Career Development

Expenses and time off provided for conference attendance and speaking. Write blog posts and books. Meet exceptional folks leading software communities and build your reputation.