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You might already know us

We are the creators of Nx and Nx Cloud. We are also the maintainers of Lerna and many other widely-used open source projects.


We Are Global

We are spread across the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.

We Are Leaders

Nx was founded by former Googlers, Jeff Cross and Victor Savkin. Today we’re a growing team of experts creating build tools used by millions of people.

We Are Experts

Since 2016 we’ve been helping global enterprises use build tools to optimize their development processes, speed up their CI and create better software.

Meet Our

The Team

  • Altan stalker picture

    Altan stalker

    Senior Engineer

  • Austin Fahsl picture

    Austin Fahsl

    Senior Engineer

  • Benjamin Cabanes picture

    Benjamin Cabanes


  • Caitlin Cashin picture

    Caitlin Cashin

    Developer Marketing Manager

  • Caleb Ukle picture

    Caleb Ukle

    Senior Engineer

  • Chau Tran picture

    Chau Tran

    Senior Engineer

  • Colum Ferry picture

    Colum Ferry

    Senior Engineer

  • Cory Henderson picture

    Cory Henderson

    Director of Revenue Operations

  • Craigory Coppola picture

    Craigory Coppola

    Senior Engineer

  • Emily Xiong picture

    Emily Xiong

    Senior Engineer

  • Eric Amitoelau picture

    Eric Amitoelau

    VP of Sales

  • Drew Romney picture

    Drew Romney

    VP of Finance

  • Isaac Mann picture

    Isaac Mann


  • Jack Butler picture

    Jack Butler

    Account Exec

  • Jack Hsu picture

    Jack Hsu


  • James Henry picture

    James Henry

    Director of Engineering

  • Jason Jean picture

    Jason Jean


  • Jimmy LaBonte picture

    Jimmy LaBonte

    Account Executive

  • Joe Johnson picture

    Joe Johnson

    Director of Professional Services

  • Johanna Pearce picture

    Johanna Pearce


  • Jonathan Cammisuli picture

    Jonathan Cammisuli


  • Juri Strumpflohner picture

    Juri Strumpflohner

    Director of Developer Experience

  • Katerina Skroumpelou picture

    Katerina Skroumpelou

    Senior Engineer

  • Lanice Sims picture

    Lanice Sims

    Account Executive

  • Leosvel Perez Espinosa picture

    Leosvel Perez Espinosa

    Senior Engineer

  • Louie Weng picture

    Louie Weng

    Software Engineer

  • Max Kless picture

    Max Kless

    Senior Engineer

  • Mark Lindsey picture

    Mark Lindsey

    Senior Engineer

  • Miroslav Jonas picture

    Miroslav Jonas

    Senior Engineer

  • Nicholas Cunningham picture

    Nicholas Cunningham

    Senior Engineer

  • Nicole Oliver picture

    Nicole Oliver

    Senior Engineer

  • Patrick Mariglia picture

    Patrick Mariglia

    Software Engineer

  • Philip Fulcher picture

    Philip Fulcher

    Senior Engineer

  • Rares Matei picture

    Rares Matei


  • Steve Pentland picture

    Steve Pentland

    Senior Engineer

  • Thomas Kuehne picture

    Thomas Kuehne


  • Whitney Loy picture

    Whitney Loy

    Operations Manager

  • Zack DeRose picture

    Zack DeRose

    Senior Engineer