Nx Cloud

Nx's intelligent analysis and granular computation caching will drastically speed up your build and test times

Computation Memoization in the Cloud

Nx is smart about building workspaces, so you can be smart about building high quality software. Now you can expand Nx’s local computation memoization to the cloud. If your team member has already built or tested similar code, Nx will use their results to speed up the command instead of rebuilding or retesting everything from scratch.

10x Developers May Be a Myth, but 10x Build Performance is Real

By taking advantage of Nx's advanced distributed computation caching, it's not uncommon for teams to realize 10x build and test performance improvements.

This means developers finish features significantly faster, and spend drastically less time waiting on CI environments to validate changes before merging - not to mention saving precious compute time.

$1 Per Hour Saved

Nx provides many ways to optimize your build - distributed builds, incremental builds, and advanced caching of task results. With Nx Cloud, you pay for time saved by cache hits that download cached results from Nx Cloud. Turn off Nx Cloud at any time to work the same as you would before Nx Cloud.