Power up and accelerate your Nx development with Nx Cloud

You’ve spent days tracking down build errors and trying to coordinate with a shared codebase across a distributed team, all while sacrificing valuable development hours to long build times. Nx with Nx Cloud makes collaboration, build & test performance, and shared caching faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Nx Cloud empowers teams to build ambitious applications without breaking a sweat.

Nx Cloud takes everything you love about working with Nx and elevates the developer experience to the next level. Nx Cloud amplifies the benefits of Nx with a powerful shared cache, actionable insights, task visibility, and much more.

Nx Cloud and its integrations, analytics, and build insights are free. Nx Cloud speeds up your builds and gives you back valuable development time, and you only pay for the shared cache after you’ve saved more than 5 hours. Stop losing hours, days, or weeks to coordination, debugging, and accumulated build times — and get back to what’s important: developing and shipping great products.

GitHub Integration

With the Nx Cloud GitHub integration, save time by easily accessing the status, output, and build insights from each CI command in any pull request. Your team will never need to hunt through logs across multiple users’ computers. The free Nx Cloud GitHub integration makes investigation and collaboration simpler and more powerful.

Pull Request enhancements mean you get actionable results when every PR has its own set of associated output from Nx processes that have been run.

See results immediately in Run View Details, with full terminal output for every command.

If anything goes wrong, it takes mere seconds to see which commands errored at a glance, without needing to dig through logs.

Private Cloud

With Nx Private Cloud, get all the benefits of Nx and Nx Cloud — but on your own, on-premises servers: containerized and self-contained.

Your Servers, Your Infrastructure; You’re in Control

Nx Private Cloud ensures that every aspect of Nx Cloud is completely within your control: host your workspaces on your own private servers. Your team will have unlimited access to all the great features of Nx Cloud without any public or external API interactions. Take advantage of automated, managed computation caching, actionable build insights and run details, and more — all from the comfort of your own on-premises deployment.


Nx Cloud is a free platform that unlocks the full potential of your Nx Workspace with GitHub integration, collaboration tools, build insights, time-savings and caching, and more.

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Free to Use

  • All Nx Cloud features are free to use for unlimited workspaces, unlimited users, and unlimited environments. Get five free build hours saved per month through distributed computation caching. You can upgrade for $29/month for the first 60 hours of computation time saved.

  • Local computation cache will always be free, but you can scale up your shared, distributed computation cache to meet the demands of your team. Pay as you go for shared cache so each developer can take advantage of all work done by anyone in the workspace.

  • If you’re an open source project, you can use Nx Cloud’s shared cache for free — for unlimited hours. Get in touch and we’ll send you a special coupon.

No Unexpected Charges

  • Never experience unexpected usage charges. Nx Cloud makes it simple to cap spending. Set Nx Cloud to the appropriate scale of your business, and only pay as much — or as little — as you want. If your usage falls below your monthly cap, only pay for what you used.

  • Save your whole team time and money with shared caching. Continue to take advantage of enhanced developer tools and integrations, exceptional build performance with local computation cache, incremental builds, and actionable insights, for free — even after you’ve met your monthly spending cap.

How Much Will I Pay?

Most teams using Nx Cloud’s pay-as-you-go shared caching build hours pay between $8 and $80 USD per month for time saved. Try out our Monthly Savings Estimator to find out how much time you could save with Nx Cloud’s distributed cache.

Check out Nx Cloud Pricing for more information and frequently asked questions.

Monthly Savings Estimator

You could save11 to 26
hours of computation time
at a price of $29