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Work with our experienced team of experts to assess your situation and propose clear strategies and guidance to implement a successful monorepo strategy.

Adopting and integrating new technologies can pose significant challenges. Enter Nx Enterprise, a solution designed to empower teams to fully leverage Nx and Nx Cloud resulting in a seamless end to end experience, from a smart monorepo to fast CI. Increase developer productivity, reduce CI costs, save money.

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On premise, full control

Get the full Nx Cloud experience on your terms.

Nx Cloud can work in complete isolation from external APIs without compromising on features. Use the same Distributed Task Execution and Distributed Computation Cache from within your own company infrastructure.

Predictable pricing based on contributors

Have predictable contributor-based annual pricing, with enterprise-friendly invoicing, without limiting or capping Nx Cloud utilization

Self hosted

Run a private instance of Nx Cloud in complete isolation from external APIs

Support team

Have increased support from the Nx team, with custom contract terms

Get help, throughout the process

We assess your current situation and provide guidance on how you get the most out of Nx Cloud. All of this happens in close collaboration with your team.

1. Applying

Apply for Nx Enterprise by providing your information and how you would like us to help you.

2. Onboarding

Together with your team, we assess your situation and particular needs and provide guidance how to best leverage Nx Cloud in your particular situation.

3. Ready to go

The tooling is set up and configured and your team is empowered to use it. We're there to support you whenever questions come up.

Security and compliance at the core

Nx Cloud’s platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Comprehensive security

Our team includes security experts, all focused on strengthening our infrastructure.

Rigorous compliance

Nx Cloud is certified to the industry standards, is constantly monitored and issue security Trust Reports powered by Vanta.

AES encryption

Sensitive data is encrypted prior to storage with AES-256 and encryption keys are managed according to industry standards and best-practices.

Dedicated infrastructure

We can support you to self-host Nx Cloud within your own infrastructure or, depending on your needs, run Nx Cloud on dedicated hosts within our cloud.

Application Security

We regularly review our application security policies in order to maintain our high standards. Additionally, we work with third parties to conduct penetration testing in order to identify any potential risks so that they can mitigated as soon as possible.

US & EU instances available

We support region specific hosting of Nx Cloud in the event IT security or data protection policies restrict international transfers.

SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 reports
European UnionGDPR compliance

People are talking

Whether your workspace has a single project or thousands, Nx will keep your CI fast and your workspace maintainable.

"It made it possible to remove our hand-rolled code and to use a well-maintained and streamlined solution, increasing performance while saving us a lot of time and money. The developer experience is so good."

Nitin Vericherla
UI Architect at Synapse Wireless

"By updating to the latest Lerna version and enabling Nx caching, we were able to reduce CI build times by ~35% - a great time saving for a fast-moving company like Sentry with an extremely active repository."

Francesco Novy
Senior Software Engineer at Sentry

"Since we are using NxCloud, we saw our CI times reduced by 83%! That means our teams are not waiting hours for their PR to be merged anymore, we reclaimed our productivity and are pretty happy about it."

Laurent Delamare
Senior Engineer at VMware